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Property Management Company in San Diego County



Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

The relationship between an owner and a property management company should be based on transparency, honesty, trust and systems of accountability.  Our professional North County staff prides themselves on being completely hands-on.  Every member of our staff is well trained and has multiple years of experience.  

Customer service is our business and we strive to make all of our processes as streamlined as possible.  Every property owner will have a personal operations manager to manage their needs.  Online owner portals are set up for 24/7 access to owner statements and other relevant property specific documents.  Tenants will also be given an online portal to make and track all service requests and payments day or night.  This ease of access allows tenants to expedite their payments and this in turn enhances owner cash flow. 


BNF Property Management has over ten years of property management experience, specializing in single family homes, duplexes, apartment complexes and commercial buildings located all over San Diego County.  Over fifteen years of experience in construction management, real estate lending & investing and accounting experience.  BNF Property Management is fully licensed and has the highest ethical standards.  We carry general and professional liability insurance policies in the amount of one million dollars. 

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Property Management Company in San Diego County


Our property management services are tailored to each of our clients' needs. Fees are reasonably calculated based on income collected and the services provided. Please contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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Our property management software has the capability to run a comprehensive rent match comparison profile. It surveys like- properties to see what they have rented for recently and provides a median price, which is then used to determine rent rates. As a follow-up, a rental analysis is performed annually to ensure consistent competitiveness with current market rents.
We also offer recommendations for cosmetic repairs or improvements to optimize maximum monthly rents.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Our property management software will create a customized ad and list the available property on hundreds of online rental sites. We’ll then field all calls from prospective tenants. Perspective tenants will fill out applications online and each one will go through a strict screening process.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Our goal in finding the right tenant for you is to find someone who not only will pay and pay on time, but someone who will care for the property as well. Many aspects are taken into consideration when renting a unit including ability to pay, credit, past rental history and references. To keep vacancy rates low, we pride ourselves on quickly responding to our tenants needs and providing modern conveniences, such as ACH and online maintenance requests. A happy tenant is a tenant who will stay, in turn, creating a steady income stream with lower turnover rates.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Once a tenant has passed the screening process, we will execute the lease and ensure the agreements and addendums have been signed properly. We will collect first month’s rent, along with the deposit, and a detailed walk-thru will be performed.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Rents will be collected via an online portal. This cuts down on the overall processing time and gets owners paid more quickly than the traditional mailed check method. Rents are due by the close of business on the 3rd day of the month. On midnight of the 5th day, a late fee is assessed and enforced. Owners are typically paid between the 5th and 10th of each month.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


When a tenant vacates a property, a move out inspection will be completed promptly. Any damages will be assessed, then the balance of the deposit will be returned less the repair fees. The unit will be cleaned, painted, repairs made, and locks will be changed. This process typically takes about a week to complete, then the unit will be put back on the market after pulling recent comps to determine market rent.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Upon the unlikely event of an eviction, BNF Property Management will assist the owner through the entire process. We will initiate paperwork and, if and when needed, refer the owner to a qualified attorney. We will also coordinate with law officials, if necessary, to remove the tenant’s possessions in order to turn the unit over as quick as possible.

Property Management Company in San Diego County


Upon the request of the owner, BNF Property Management will schedule an interior and exterior inspection to include: all needed repairs, potential hazards, and lease & code violations that need correction. Tenants will be notified 48 hours before inspection.

BNF Property Management Services Company in North San Diego, Encinitas, California


Our property management software is top of the line and has the capability to make ACH payments to mortgage companies, vendors, and owners. This allows owners to be paid immediately, instead of waiting for the mail and a trip to the bank. We can generate detailed reports on rents received and expenses paid out. Detailed documentation of paid invoices can be viewed on our owner portals. Each month, owners are sent an email, including: the owner statement, balance sheet and income statement. 1099’s are also generated each year, along with the appropriate detailed reports needed for tax purposes, which will be provided in a timely manner.


BNF Property Management Services Company in North San Diego, Encinitas, California

Our property management software tracks all incoming repair requests. The tenant simply logs into their tenant portal, makes a maintenance request online, and can then track the progress of the repair from receipt to completion. An on-call person is notified immediately and will vet each request to determine emergencies from non-emergencies. Emergencies are addressed within a couple hours. Non-emergencies will be responded to within 24-48 hours and a game plan for repair will be made.


We will implement a preventative maintenance schedule or deal with maintenance issues as they come up. This is a decision we leave up to our owners, but we do encourage a preventative maintenance schedule to maximize the property value and protect your investment. All major repairs will be made by licensed, bonded and insured contractors. Our construction experience allows us to oversee the contractors work for quality, cost effectiveness and code compliance. No project is too large. From small projects like fences to a larger complicated remodel, we’ve seen and done it all.

BNF Property Management Services Company in North San Diego, Encinitas, California



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